CAP Scum Of The Earth's Riggs Why It's So Hard To Get The Band Out There Again

27 Aug 2022

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On this edition of Chris Akin Presents, Chris sits down with Scum Of The Earth guitarist Riggs (ex-Rob Zombie). Riggs checked in to talk about the band's new single "Ziggurats Of Mesopotamia", what is going on with Scum Of The Earth, why it's so hard to reactivate the band full time, and if it's even possible to tour right now.

0:00 - Intro
1:24 - The Story Behind The New Single
2:56 - Status Of Scum Of The Earth
4:17 - Economics Is Holding Bands Back
5:16 - Scum Of The Earth Need Big Production
6:30 - What Did People Get When They Bought The Scum Of The Earth NFT?
7:55 - Ziggurats Of Mesopotamia Sample
9:11 - Are There More Singles Coming?
10:06 - Did The Boomers Do A Bad Job Raising Kids To Appreciate Music?
11:29 - Why Buy Music When It’s Released Free On All The Platforms?
12:35 - What Is Your Main Source Of Income?
13:05 - You Have To Sacrifice Your Life For Your Music Career
13:59 - Video For “Armies Of Puma Punka”
15:03 - Plugs
15:26 - “Armies Of Puma Punka: Video Sample

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