CMS HIGHLIGHT - The Hypocrisy Of The WASP Legacy - 6 15 14

06 Nov 2020

Neeley and Chris report on a story that WASP will have a new release coming out later this year The guys talk about how smart Blackie Lawless is and has proven to be in the past They also talk about his religious conversion and how he won't play Animal Fuck Like A Beast anymore live Chris questions if Blackie can really be true to his religious overturn as by performing as WASP he still makes money from fans who embraced him for the hedonistic music he made in the past The guys look forward to interviewing Blackie for the next release Catch THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW on Saturdays from 9pm to 3am EST at a www cmsradio net a a www theclassicmetalshow com a - WEBSITE a www facebook com 2Fthecms a - FACEBOOK a www twitter com 2Fcmsrocks a - TWITTER a www spreaker com 2Fcmsrocks a - PODCAST a www chatandkill com a - LIVE CHAT

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