Rob Dukes Will Generation Kill Play Exodus Songs Live

27 Aug 2022

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On this episode of CHRIS AKIN PRESENTS, Generation Kill vocalist Rob Dukes checks in to talk about the release MKULTRA, the upcoming tour with Dead By Wednesday, podcasting, and if he will play Exodus songs in the new live set.

0:00 Introduction
1:10 Did the pandemic slow the promotion of MKUltra?
2:31 Why is Rob Dukes so tired?
2:53 The Arizona Heat
3:20 Why did Rob Dukes move to Arizona?
3:48 What does Nick Bellmore bring to the production of MKUltra?
4:44 Why was there such a long gap between Generation Kill recordings?
5:55 Talk about the guests that appear on MKUltra?
7:40 The video preview for "Evil Eye".
8:36 Where should people go to buy physical copies of MKUltra?
9:40 Rob Dukes talks about becoming a podcaster.
11:11 Do you worry about what you say offending people on the podcast?
13:12 New York and Los Angeles are a dangerous mess.
16:10 How do people pick a politician to be "their guy"?
17:16 How propaganda works.
17:51 The tour with Dead By Wednesday and Generation Kill.
19:24 Hard to play Exodus songs because they are so long.
19:44 Should fans be ready to sit down and relax at these shows?
20:21 Will there be another Fragile Mortals release with DMC?
21:55 When does the tour start?
22:14 The story behind "Never Relent" song and video with Gary Holt (with video preview).

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